SPMU Tattoo Removal in Kent Using Salt/Saline

If you’ve┬áhad semi-permanent makeup treatment either in Kent or further afield that you’re no longer happy with, there are two main methods you can consider. The first, and most commonly known procedure is the removal of tattoos using a laser. The second is the relatively new process of using salt and a saline solution.

The drawbacks of laser tattoo removal

Whilst still popular, using a laser to remove an unwanted tattoo can be a slow, laborious and expensive process. It can often take 10 or more individual sessions to get the desired results and even then, the tattoo may not be removed completely and you may well be left with some fragments in your skin. If you have dark skin, a suntan or have a fake tan, it’s not recommended to opt for laser removal either. It’s also worth mentioning that some colours don’t fade as well as others.

The benefits of salt/saline tattoo and permanent makeup removal at our Kent clinic

This technique is safe for all skin types so if you have darker skin, this is definitely the preferred method to choose. There’s also less risk of hyper/hypopigmentation (blotchy patches on the skin) afterwards and there’s less blistering and scarring than conventional laser removal treatments. It’s also safe to have another treatment at our Kent clinic over the area if you wish, once your skin has had a chance to fully heal.