Baldness treatment Kent

Scalp Micropigmentation – Hair Loss Treatment Kent

Suitable for both men and women, scalp micropigmentation is the ideal way to create a fuller looking head of hair. Sometimes referred to as ‘tricho pigmentation’, ‘tricopigmentation’ or a ‘hairline tattoo’, it’s the process of using a pigment on the scalp or thinning area of hair to boost the appearance of hair density.

(Geek fact alert: The word ‘Tricho’ originates from Greekย thrix,ย trikhos, meaning ‘hair’).

Scalp Micropigmentation Kent

A typical treatment lasts anywhere between 3 and 5 years and you can also benefit from top-up treatments along the way to create the perfect density that’s right for you.

Male pattern baldness

Whilst the majority of my clients are women, this particular type of treatment is especially well suited to you guys out there as well. Hereditary hair loss can be very stressful, particularly if you start to lose your hair at an early age. Scalp micropigmentation can be used to create a realistic, natural looking head of hair by creating the illusion of denser, thicker hair growth. If you’ve lost a lot of hair on your crown or if your hair is receding, it can also produce fantastic results for those of you that prefer a very short, cropped look.

By filling in the bald or sparse areas with tiny micro pigments, you can have an incredibly realistic look without the need to pay Harley Street prices for a hair transplant which may (or may not) be successful. Once the process is complete, there’s very little you’ll need to do once the area has healed. There’s no ongoing maintenance to worry about and you won’t have to change your lifestyle either. This type of treatment is equally well suited to those who have either a bald patch on your crown or a receding hairline.

Scar camouflage

Scalp micropigmentation also provides an extremely effective method of disguising any scars you may have on your scalp. If you have a scar from an old injury or surgical operation – or even as a result of a previous hair transplant (strip and FUE/FUT scarring), this can be a perfect way to make the scar virtually unnoticeable. If your scar was limiting your choice of hairstyle, you’ll also have greater freedom of choice once the treatment is complete.

Where are you based?

If you’re thinking of paying us a visit, our clinic is in East Malling, Kent. If you’re travelling from further afield, we’re ideally located for those of you travelling from London, Surrey and Essex. As we’re on the outskirts of London, you can expect the same high quality of care, but without hefty Central London prices.

Semi-permanent makeup and you

When most people hear the term ‘semi-permanent makeup’ or ‘microblading’, they usually associate both with the fashion and beauty industry. Whilst this is certainly true for many of my clients, I also get enormous satisfaction from dealing with those who are considering this type of treatment for slightly different cosmetic reasons. I’ve gained a real sense of pleasure helping those who, at a difficult point in their life, have benefitted from the treatments I offer.

If you're not sure if scalp micropigmentation is right for you or you have any questions or concerns, please contact me for a free, no-obligation chat.