Semi-Permanent Lips Kent

Semi Permanent Lips Kent

Immaculate Touch Elite Semi Permanent Makeup offers semi permanent makeup lips enhancement from our East Malling clinic in Kent.

As we get older the border of our lip becomes less defined and our natural lip colour lightens. This can result in ladies crying out for some added definition and added volume without the need for facial fillers. Of course, you can apply lipstick several times a day to disguise the problem.  But lipstick rubs off and fades during the day, leaving you feeling far from your best.  The only solution is to keep retouching, leaving fresh lipstick on coffee cups and glasses, as well as the occasional shirt collar!

Semi Permanent Lip Tint and Liners

This is where Immaculate Touch Elite Semi Permanent Makeup comes to the rescue. We offer a full lip tint other wise known as Ombre lips and permanent makeup lip liners, helping many clients to gain fuller and more beautiful and bolder lips. Using semi permanent makeup, We can expertly shape and colour your lips, producing a natural anti-ageing look, also correcting any dissymmetry issues. We only use the very latest techniques of semi permanent makeup for lips to help you achieve a long-lasting perfect shape and colour, carefully crafted to compliment the shape of your face, natural smile but most importantly your skin tone.

Semi Permanent Makeup (SPMU), also known as micropigmentation, involves the use of precision equipment to deposit small amounts of hypoallergenic semi permanent lip colour pigment into the dermal layer of the lips in order to enhance your natural beauty.  The colour is blended into your natural lips, creating a fuller shape and providing definition without the need to apply lipstick or pencil throughout the day. When practiced by a trained professional, semi permanent lip enhancement will last for over a year, gradually fading naturally over time. A booster session might then be required.

No more lipstick!

How long Semi Permanent Makeup lasts on each individual depends entirely on several different factors. Excessive UV or sun exposure, everyday skincare routine, saunas, acid skin peels, and the natural oil production of your skin. Clients who have undergone chemotherapy or suffer from Alopecia will also benefit from these kinds of treatment.

We’re ideally situated for nearby areas and are based in the heart of Kent. Our treatments Our treatments always start with a consultation, where the procedure is explained in full, giving you complete peace of mind.  After an application of anaesthetic cream to reduce discomfort, we then proceed with a skilled and meticulous application of semi permanent makeup for the lips, taking care to explain exactly what we is doing at every stage.

If you’d like to know more, or book a consultation please get in touch. We would be delighted to talk you through the various options.