After not having eyebrows for many years due to personal circumstances, I attended an open evening at the willow tree clinic. There I saw pictures of ladies that had had micro blading eyebrows done, I thought to myself wow they look amazing, so I saw Georgie and she explained how it was done and so I booked to have mine done at the clinic in Kent. It's the best thing I have ever spent money on!
I was a little worried it would hurt but I was amazed; I had numbing cream applied and was taken through all what would happen during the micro blading process. After the treatment had finished I was given a mirror and I could have cried - The results were amazing. If any lady out there is sick of pencilling your eyebrows, then I highly recommend you have micro blading as I had mine done early last year and they still look amazing. It's well worth the money and it's a little uncomfortable but not painful.
It's the best results I have ever seen. Don't bother getting tattoo eyebrows have this done you will be so happy like I was x

Karen Haywood

I have to say a Big Thank You to Georgie for the amazing microblading that she did on my eyebrows. I had previously pencilled in my brows each morning, which was both time consuming and frustrating in trying to get them just right! So, I did some research into having them enhanced with semi-permanent makeup. This is when I came across Immaculate Touch in Kent and made contact with the lovely Georgie. She instantly filled me with confidence with her depth of knowledge and warm approach. Therefore, I didn't hesitate to book a consultation.

Once at the clinic Georgie talked me through the whole process and helped to choose the perfect colour match to use on my brows. Then I was booked in for the procedure. At my appointment for microbading in Kent, Georgie sketched my brows with a pencil so I could see the shape that she felt best to frame my face. Once happy, numbing cream was applied both before and during the procedure, so that only minimal discomfort would be felt. I would describe the feeling as a light scratching - nothing more and I felt totally relaxed throughout. Georgie is a true perfectionist and the whole treatment took a couple of hours or so. I now have beautiful brows that have depth and a gorgeous shape that frames my face perfectly. I no longer need to use that eyebrow pencil! I would thoroughly recommend Georgie to anyone seeking a professionally skilled make-up artist. You won't be disappointed x

I highly recommend anyone who, like me, has patchy blonde brows to take a visit to see Georgie at Immaculate Touch in Kent. I was apprehensive at first as you see so many horror pictures of bad tattooed brows but Georgie is amazing at was she does. We spoke about my desired look, discussing shape and colour before they were drawn on, then the micro blading part began. I won't lie it stings a little but so worth it, after two hours I walked out with perfectly pruned natural looking brows. I've had so many compliments and it's so nice not having to worry about pencilling them everyday as they are always ready to go! I absolutely love them, thanks Georgie

Nikki Thomas

I was very nervous to get my eyebrows re-done as I had had it done elsewhere and wasn't happy with the results and found myself still pencilling them in every day but Georgie gave me a lot of her time reassuring me and answering all of my questions very throughly. I trusted her completely and I was very happy with the shape of my new microblade eyebrows designed by her in Kent. She is a perfectionist and takes pride in her work! It feels amazing not to have to pencil my eyebrows on every day and has been worth every penny! Thanks Georgie X

Kerrie Player

I cannot thank you enough! After years of over plucking and no idea of what eyebrow shape suited my face, I had a consultation with Georgie. She was amazing, she put me at ease, explained in detail what she could create and what to expect from my treatment. I was nervous after all it was my face, she colour matched me to perfection and I wanted to proceed there and then! I had microblading in Kent; it did not hurt, it was quick and Georgie created natural but perfect brows, I've since recommended Georgie to many friends who have all had treatment with her. I cannot thank you enough! x

Ella Fitzpatrick

I must say thank you to Georgie for helping me to develop my skills for microblading! I did a microblading training course from another college and before I realised my technique was not right, I ruined three faces. I was so depressed and did not know how to correct them. Then one of my friends suggested attending a refresher training course with Georgie in Kent and I must say it was brilliant. Everything was planned so well from practising brow shapes on artificial skin, colour theories, pain management, working on real clients and to aftercare. The most important thing is she is just a message away whenever I needed her help and that support I never got from my previous college. Thank you Georgie for always being there for me, I really appreciate that and those who want to attend the microblading training in Kent with her, she is no doubt the best in her industry!

Mubina Rangwala