Reopening news - Please read (last updated 24/02/21)

Dear clients,

At last it seems there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! Recent announcements tell us that salons can provisionally reopen on the Monday 12th April 2021. Whilst this is amazing and definitely gives us all hope, it's been clearly stated that this is subject to the data being favourable and if it isn't, the date may well be changed. Based on this, we've decided to delay our usual re-booking process for a few more weeks until we can be certain that the April date is confirmed.

If you were booked in and had a cancelled appointment or if you are awaiting a new appointment, we ask that you text (07415) 933336 with the word CANCELLATION plus your full name and the treatment required. We've decided to do it this way so that we gather all the information in one place rather than it being spread over various social media platforms.

Finally, we'll be in touch with all our clients, old and new, very soon!!

Other Information

Due to carrying out treatments, the telephone is not always able to be answered. For a faster response time please email us answering the pre treatment questions below. You can also send us a text.

  1. Are you over the age of 18?
  2. What is your skin type normal, dry, oily?
  3. Have you any holiday plans? if so when?
  4. Could you be pregnant or are you breastfeeding?
  5. Are you under the care of the doctors or on any medications? If so, what are these called?

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