About Us

microblading with georgie platt

What we do

Georgie is an experienced Permanent Makeup Artist and microblade method expert, performing eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip treatments as well as microblading training from her clinics in Kent.  For the last ten years, she has been helping women and men to look their very best.

As a child Georgie was always being asked to perform regular treatments on her family and friends’ eyebrows, to cut her dad’s hair or to do makeup. It was then that she found that she had a natural flair for all things beauty related.

Always inspired to help others, Georgie enrolled in college at the age of 22 to become a nurse.

I was due to start that September after sitting and passing the entrance exams and then I lost my grandad. My experience of the many hours spent in the hospital where my gran wouldn’t leave his bedside, made me realise I wasn’t cut out for nursing so I had to rethink my options. This is when I discovered semi permanent makeup and started on my new journey.

Georgie founded Immaculate Touch Elite Semi Permanent Makeup in 2012 to offer the very best of semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) from her clinics in East Malling and Wilmington in Kent. Georgie is a fully qualified Elite semi-permanent makeup artist as well as a Microblade method brow master.

Georgie has travelled throughout the UK and abroad exploring different methods and techniques for semi-permanent and permanent makeup.  Her training and qualifications include Claire Hobson Elite Semi Permanent Makeup training academy UK, European Beauty Concept in Varna, Bulgaria, PrivéMicroblading Academy in Liverpool and worldwide, and Nouveau Contour. She also regularly attends SPMU conferences and colour theory workshops to ensure that her work stays on point with the latest trends, techniques and technological advances.

I love that I can help my clients to look their very best, enhancing their natural beauty and repairing those little imperfections that we all have. I love most my clients’ appreciation for something that I love to do anyway.
It is such a rewarding job to give something back to clients who have lost brows or lashes as a result of illness. They overcome the illness but are left with the scar of feeling different and not at their best. I have clients who cry when are handed the mirror and at that point I know exactly why semi permanent makeup is for me.

Why choose us?

Georgie has extensive experience, a natural eye and is a true perfectionist.

I will only work to a standard which I would be happy to have myself.  I am not satisfied unless I feel that I have done everything to achieve the very best results possible.

We ensure that every client is treated as an individual, adapting each treatment to clients to create a bespoke look that will suit both their face and personality. We recognise that all our clients have different needs and objectives for their treatments, and will always make sure that there is plenty of time allowed in a consultation to ensure that you are 100% comfortable with your treatment plan and 100% satisfied with the results.

After all, you can’t rush perfection… Permanent Perfection!!